Functionality, Space, Focus of Crosstown Theater Design

Posted by Katherine Martin on September 28th, 2018

Daily Memphian – The 28,000 square-foot theater at Crosstown Concourse, The Doll House, was designed to accommodate countless types of performance types including film, dance, theatre, live music and to host meetings for large groups. Designers created a modular floor section and movable seating that can transform the space in a matter of hours. This functionally, as well as top-quality acoustics provide a space for artists from all across the city to display their talents.

The exterior of the building carries a simple design and LRK Principal Tony Pellicciotti said the focus was on the acoustics, performance space, and versatility because the building does not front a major street, having the Crosstown building as its gateway.

“For me, in Crosstown Concourse as a whole, what we’ve done there is about community and about the people. We can do a beautiful building on the corner anywhere. But it’s not every day you get to create a community and get to foster and spark the energy and excitement in the mixing of different people you do not normally get to mix in the city in a constructive way.’’ Read more.

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