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Jim Constantine and Chris Cosenza to Present on Panels at the New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum

Posted by Admin on February 27th, 2019

LRK’s Jim Constantine and Chris Cosenza will participate on panel discussions on Friday, March 8, at the New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum. Constantine’s panel, “Density that Doesn’t Look Dense: Meeting the Surging Demand for In-Town Housing,” will explore how “Missing Middle” housing can accommodate the demand for housing needs in communities that already feel too dense to build. Cosenza’s session, “Preparing your Community for Redevelopment,” will discuss how municipalities can take steps to develop and create a vision for more attractive communities.

Princeton Planning Board Recommends Redevelopment Zone Designation for Some Seminary Properties Based on LRK Study

Posted by Katherine Martin on October 5th, 2018

Planet Princeton – The Princeton Planning Board voted unanimously to recommend to the Princeton governing body that a portion of Princeton theological Seminary’s campus be designation as an area in need of development. LRK’s Jim Constantine and Chris Cosenza, who serve as borough planners, conducted a study to determining whether to New Jersey redevelopment statute could be applied to the seminary’s Tennant-Roberts campus on Stockton Street and the Erdman Center on Library Place.  Constantine and Cosenza concluded that the redevelopment statute is appropriate for the seminary properties, and advised the planning board to recommend to the Princeton Council that they approve the use of the redevelopment statute for the properties. Read more.

LRK Engaged the Residents of Princeton

Posted by Beth Van Der Jagt on July 1st, 2016 – LRK’s Jim Constantine recently led downtown Princeton residents and business owners in a community engagement process for improvements along downtown’s Nassau Street. Results will be presented in the fall and will include recommendations on signposts, benches, street seating, bike racks, landscaping tree wells and planters, and sidewalk and crosswalk pavers. Read more.

Public Invited to Discuss Improving Nassau Street

Posted by Beth Van Der Jagt on June 21st, 2016

Town Topics – LRK is working with downtown Princeton residents and business owners to prepare streetscape design standards that will enhance the appearance, safety, and pedestrian-friendly experience along Nassau Street. On June 18th an interactive open house was held to explore different options for those improvements. The results of the public meeting will help to refine the design guidelines for Nassau Street, as well as other parts of the central business district as funds become available. Read more.

Gimmie Shelters: Bus Riders Are Getting A Gift

Posted by Beth Van Der Jagt on December 10th, 2015 - LRK has been working with NJ Transit and the Princeton Transportation and Transit Committee to help develop a financially feasible plan for attractive, functional, and sustainable bus shelters throughout Princeton. Read more.