LRK's Creative Process

At LRK, projects are executed with passion. We approach each project by listening to clients’ expectations, recognizing the markets, understanding the user and collaborating for results, all of which lead to creating a strong sense of place. LRK views each project as an opportunity to improve, complement and, in some cases, complete the fabric of the surrounding environment. LRK’s place making has been recognized by Awards for Excellence from the Urban Land Institute and Charter Awards from the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Listening to clients’ expectations

Understanding the needs of a client first and then providing creative design solutions that respond specifically to those needs is the focus of Looney Ricks Kiss’ culture. Every project starts and ends the same way: We listen. We believe that each project will generate a specific solution that is a product of careful research, analysis, creativity and interaction with our clients.  No two problems are alike – we tailor our solution to your unique opportunity. Great design, we believe, evolves from a clear understanding of our clients' real needs and aims within the boundaries of time and budget.

Recognizing market dynamics

Value creation is both a science and an art. LRK understands that knowing market trends and lifestyle preferences, careful brand positioning, establishing sound market strategies and identifying creative design solutions are imperative for creating successful places. We help our clients develop a strategic plan that is appropriate for the property by evaluating existing demographics, competitive sites, market demand and community need. Then, we craft a project vision and program that is clear, concise and attainable.

A large portion of LRK’s community planning is based on consensus building and market preferences. With such research capabilities, we are able to link design to market preferences and balance a community’s vision with economic realities. This custom-tailored planning process is seen by public and private sector clients as a value-added service, more clearly identifying both short- and long-term goals.

Understanding the user

Through architecture we shape our buildings. Our buildings also shape and influence us — the way we live, work and play. It is this interaction, this continual exchange with our environment, that drives LRK to design better places at any scale, at any budget. Our creative design solutions consider both the user and context in order to achieve meaning, value, purpose and longevity. Architecture should be beautiful in form, proportion and material — and it should enhance our lives.

Collaborating for results

Integration and collaboration of clients, stakeholders and other planning and design consultants generates greater value for a project. We provide optimum design solutions that exceed expectations by seeking out diverse perspectives and expertise. At LRK, our projects undergo intensive critique and refinement through an open review process, and we invite clients to actively participate in the process, contributing to a more holistic solution. This open culture throughout the firm reflects the collaborative spirit of the founding principals.

Creating a strong sense of place

Every day we come to work with a mission: to create special places. From the livability of a family’s home to the flexibility of an interior workspace to the identity created by a town square, we put our passion and energy into creating places that will make a difference in people’s lives. Each project is an opportunity to improve, complement and, in some cases, complete the fabric of the surrounding environment with sustainable creative design solutions that support and enhance quality of life.