Izarra de lo Aguirre

LRK was part of the multidisciplinary team that created a concept plan for Izarra de lo Aguirre, located in metropolitan Santiago. Recognizing that the site had a unique opportunity for a mix of industrial, commercial and residential uses, the design establishes a strong sense of place and feeling of community. The process included a one-week charrette and the LRK team worked hand in hand with local landscape designers, engineers, market analysts, the government of Santiago, and future local developers and builders to create the master plan.

Additional Information

LOCATION: Santiago de Chile

CLIENT: Inversiones Baiona

SIZE: 1,359 acres (550 hectares)

LRK SERVICES: Services included conceptual design, community character, and master planning. LRK also participated in a benchmarking trip with the client and other consultants, visiting semi-industrial sites, commercial mixed-use and residential projects and exchanging ideas with developers across the United States.