The Village of Rouzan

Nestled in the heart of Baton Rouge, Rouzan provides a pedestrian friendly environment with easy access to existing streets, parks and common green spaces. With a style reflective of the surrounding neighborhoods, the community is a varied composition of streetscapes and greenways designed around the original tree canopy and an enhanced waterway. Rouzan includes a combination of single and multifamily homes, a library, church, and Montessori school, along with a mixed-use village center planned to become the heart of both the new and adjoining neighborhoods.

Additional Information

LOCATION:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana

CLIENT:  JTS Interests

SIZE:  120-acre mixed-use development with 800 residential units (single family and multifamily) and 80,000 square feet of commercial, including a public library, church, mixed-use retail and a Montessori school

LRK SERVICES:  master planning, project visioning, mixed-use architecture and single family residential


House and Home

The Village of Rouzan (project website)