Collaboration Created Headlines

September 20, 2019

HUD Selects Omaha Choice Neighborhood for $1.3 Million Dollar Grant

September 19th, HUD announced that Omaha’s Southside Terrace–Indian Hills Neighborhood is one of four $1.3 million 2019 Choice Neighborhood grants. LRK is the community planner and urban designer for this 2-year long effort that will engage the neighborhood residents and stakeholders to reimagine a community that was once known as The Magic City.  The neighborhood includes the historic Omaha Stockyards and its population is one of the most diverse in the City, with a mix of Latino, African American, and recent African refugees from across the continent.  LRK will be working with the City, Omaha Housing Authority, Southside Redevelopment Corporation, Heartland Workers Center, Spark CDI, The Simple Foundation, among other non-profit and philanthropy partners to create a plan to improve the quality of life for the residents, physically transform the neighborhood, and provide high-quality, mixed-income housing.