Collaboration Created Headlines

September 19, 2019

LRK Draws Top Talent to Firm

Momentum - The latest issue of the Greater Memphis Chamber’s Momentum magazine features an article “City’s Reputation as Leader in Adaptive Reuse Movement Draws Top Talent to Architecture Firms,” with multiple quotes from LRK staff. With talent development across LRK’s eight markets being a top priority, the article discusses LRK’s recruitment efforts in Memphis. When it comes to recruiting team members to Memphis, LRK sells the city. While Andrew Lang, a young architect from Atlanta, was originally set on working in LRK’s Philadelphia office, he found that what he wanted in Philadelphia, he found here in Memphis. “I live Downtown, walk to work, I walk from work to soccer games and bars and South Main Trolley Nights; and I, most importantly, can afford to do all of it.”

In addition, the city’s efforts in reinvigorating historic properties and the downtown core are inspirational. When recruits come and experience not only the Memphis culture, but also their potential for engagement and impact, it’s a huge draw.