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Artisan Park Clubhouse

Celebration, FL

As the Town of Celebration evolves, this community center affords Artisan Park a recognizable landmark within the larger context of the flourishing New Urbanist town. The defining design inspiration is the Arts and Crafts movement within the vocabulary of traditional Southern architecture for civic structures and recreational amenities, as well as single- and multifamily residences. Public parks, nature trails and winding bike paths enhance the natural setting and sense of community.


Aurora Awards

  • Grand Aurora Award Residential Development
  • Aurora Award Residential Development
  • Aurora Award Detached Single-Family Home $500,001-$750,000 (The Penfield)

Builder’s Choice National Design and Planning Awards

  • Merit Award (The Penfield)

Best in American Living National Design Competition

  • Gold Award/Best Single Family Detached Home 2,401 to 3,000 sq. ft. (The Penfield)

The Nationals Awards

  • Silver Award – Best Single Family Detached Home Priced $400,000 to $650,000 (The Penfield)

Professional Builder

Builder Magazine