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Cherry Hill Village

Canton Township, MI

Centered upon and extending outwards from a historic crossroads hamlet, Cherry Hill Village is a new 460-acre community anchored by a schoolhouse, church, cemetery, hotel, general store and a small factory built under Henry Ford’s “cottage industry” program. Historic buildings knit seamlessly as focal points within the new commercial and residential fabric. LRK utilized a cooperative, interactive partnering process and unique computer-based community vision survey to create the master plan. 


Congress for the New Urbanism, Michigan Chapter

  • Mackinaw Prize

American Planning Association, Michigan Chapter 

  • Outstanding Planning Project

ULI: Residential Development Handbook

Urban Spaces No. 3 

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine 

Community by Design - New Urbanism for Suburbs and Small Communities 

Detroit Free Press 

New Urban News 

Building Design & Construction 

Multi-Housing News