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Private Residence

Memphis, TN

This home is located on an unbuilt parcel in a 1940s neighborhood within the central city surrounded by nice, yet modestly-scaled existing homes.

Designed for an active family who enjoys both entertaining and their private family times, the scale of the home seamlessly compliments the scale and character of the 75-year-old well-kept neighborhood. The home footprint transitions from public, family and private zones, utilizing the depth versus the width of the property. This arrangement allows for the scale around the frontage to maintain the neighborhood character, allows for balanced natural light within the key spaces and provides for defined, yet separate outrooms, lawns and auto circulation and storage.

Obviously, a large and fine home, yet far from the typical out-of-scale and character infill home and miles away from the typical “McMansion” of similar size. 


Anatomy of a Great Home